The Production Studio was started in 2010 by a band of like-minded people, drawn into visual art and concerned with the world around them.

In our first 10 years we crossed into many genres, experimented with numerous techniques, and found creative, unusual solutions to many tasks. We made 20 television broadcasts, 27 animated features and 157 commercial broadcasts. We co-authored 8 independent films, and shot one feature-length film.

We are thrilled to be part of an active, mindful, caring Central Asian civil society.
We work hard to bring positive social change, and to develop an already rich visual culture into something transformative, affirmative.

Among our many strengths we are proud ourselves in having:
A tightly-knit, daring team of professionals: with diverse knowledge and skills, but equally motivated and complementing each other, not afraid to partake in projects of any scale.
A sophisticated foundation: modern equipment helps producers and story-tellers find their target audience. We spend much time and resources making sure our toolkit is up to date, and allows for broader creative outputs.

Involvement: we treasure time, environment, and the people we work for and with. We are well-acquainted with the regional politics, and with all professional, creative communities of Central Asia.
Reliability and safety: we take care of your material as if it were our own family album. In case you need to access it after time, due to loss, or change of material, rest assured - your footage files are secure in our studio under " 3 year safety guarantee" policy.
We are here to nurture your story

We co-produce and develop fiction and documentary projects, support aspiring authors of independent films.

We are experienced in joint production with foreign film crews:
"Ala-Too" / Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, France;
"Metal bread" / Kyrgyzstan, France, Switzerland;
"After the rain" / Kyrgyzstan, USA;
Among many.

We can assist with technical support for filming in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan,
and Kazakhstan.
We speak English, but other languages, too - we will always find a common language.

Please contact us for the following services:
And if your request does not fit into the list below, do not hesitate to write us - we are always happy to commit to bigger tasks and new opportunities.
The email of Chingiz Narynov, our studio's director - [email protected]
Organization of the filming process in the Kyrgyz Republic and Central Asia:
  • location scouting (search and selection of nature)
  • casting management (search for actors and extras)
  • search for props
  • selection of below the line specialists
  • equipment rental
  • sale or production of footage on demand
  • post production services
Organization of logistics:
  • assistance with booking tickets
  • search / selection of accommodation
  • catering
  • organization of transport

We have much experience shooting advertising, corporate and social videos, films,
and animations.
We have worked on 20 television shows; we have created 157 commercials, 25 animation/graphic works, 23 corporate videos. We are the authors or co-authors of eight independent films, one full-length feature film, and countless ideas.

Please get in touch with us for:

Documentaries and information films and videos
Commercial advertising
Public service announcements
2D animation and infographics, explainers
TV broadcast
Check out our portfolio below, and contact us on [email protected]

A series of talk-shows featuring vulnerable youths discussing the theme of "Radicalisation in Islam";
and a documentary film.
Not in Our Name.
A project of the Prague Section of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL).

We cooperated closely with our colleagues from Prague, and organised filming the Not in Our Name talk-shows in Kyrgyzstan (the cities of Osh and Bishkek), Kazakhstan (Almaty and Zhezkazgan) and Tajikistan (Dushanbe and Kulob).

Every talk show was accompanied by a 17-member CityLab team, as well as a team of synchronous translators and moderators.

We produced 3 episodes in Kazakh language, 3 in Kyrgyz, and 3 in Tajik; and we invited all participants from all three countries to join in for the final talk-show.

Before each episode, we did preparatory filming in carefully-chosen, isolated regions of Central Asia. In this material, people talked about members of their own families that had departed to fight in Syria. The material we then edited, and showed during our talk shows. This material triggered a thoughtful discussion among our youth participants.

As a final output, we produced a documentary feature about our project, and chiefly, how the series of talk shows influenced our participants' viewpoints and perspectives. In the documentary, we used cuts from the video-stories, interviews with our participants in which they shared their own personal views, beliefs and motivations, and the participants' reactions during the talk-shows.
Feature film
After the rain
After the Rain is a non-profit, feature narrative film about a Kyrgyz family's unbreakable love for their daughter. Inspired and based off real-life events, the story is told through the perspective of the father, whose love for his daughter does not change despite her being bride kidnapped, and eventually ending up in what is culturally 'the most shameful place one could possibly be.' Our goal is to inspire the families of Kyrgyzstan to value loving their children greater than the existent honor/shame culture, which could dramatically decrease the amount of women's rights issues happening within Kyrgyzstan.

Our goal is to provide free screening festivals with our partner organizations and NGO's dedicated to these human rights issues. The screenings will be paired with educational seminars in villages where these issues are heavily prevalent. By pairing educational seminars with visual storytelling, we want to affect both mind and emotion, which can inspire locals themselves to take action.

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